Numérique et patrimoine – enjeux et questionnements actuels

Digital technology and heritage - Challenges and issues

Online Conference

The objective of this event is to create the conditions for scientific exchange on the current challenges of the digitization of heritage and the exploration of new possibilities offered by digital tools for the production and dissemination of knowledge. It will bring together leading researchers in the field as well as project leaders who are currently financed by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) and its funding partner agencies in the context of national and international projects, in particular the “Digital Heritage” call, which was launched in 2017 by the Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPI CH). The conference, organized by the ANR and the JPI CH in collaboration with the French Ministry of Culture, will mainly be open to specialists of computer science and heritage science in the field of digital applied to heritage.
Thursday 11th March's sessions are animated by Martine Garnier-Rizet, head of the Digital technology and Mathematics Department, at the ANR. Friday 12th March's sessions are animated by Charles Giry-Deloison, vice-chair of the JPI Digital Heritage and scientific manager at the Human and Social Sciences departement, at the ANR.


4 sessions

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