ICPerMed conference


Deborah Marshall

University of Calgary, Canada


Deborah is a health economist and health services researcher leading a programme of applied research using patient preferences, patient engagement and simulation modelling methods. Dr Marshall leads the health economics, socioeconomic benefits, patient preferences and patient engagement activities for several national and international research programmes in precision health and patient-oriented research to develop health economic tools and approaches to evaluate outcomes: 1) UCAN CAN-DU (Understanding Childhood Arthritis Network Canada-Netherlands) and 2) UCAN CURE (Precision Decisions for Childhood Arthritis personalized medicine networks in childhood arthritis combining genomic techniques, machine learning methods and simulation modelling to predict response to treatment and its associated health outcomes and economic impact; 3) SOLVE Care4Rare Canada - harnessing multi-omics to deliver innovative diagnostic care for rare genetic diseases; 4) TIGeR (Translational Implementation of Genomics for Rare diseases), partnership with Medical Genetics and Alberta Provincial Laboratory for the clinical application of genome wide sequencing; and 5) IMAGINE Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPOR) Chronic Disease Network (Inflammation, Microbiome, and Alimentation: Gastro-Intestinal and Neuropsychiatric Effects, CIHR SPOR). She is a Founding Member of the Global Economics and Evaluation of Clinical Genomics Sequencing Working Group (GEECS).