ICPerMed conference


Laura Bermejo



Laura got her PhD in Genetics and Cellular Biology from Alcala University in Madrid (1997). After stances in New York Medical College (NY, USA) and University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA), she returned to Spain. First, to University Hospital Puerto de Hierro (Madrid) and finally to University Hospital Ramon y Cajal (2002), where she has established and leads the Biomarkers and Therapeutic targets Group that belongs to the Ramon y Cajal Health Research Institute (IRYCIS) and to EATRIS. Her group is studying pathophysiological mechanisms of diseases, particularly, nephropathies, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, identifying new biomarkers and therapeutic targets useful in clinical practice. She is currently the Scientific Director of IRYCIS, since 2019. She is the Co-Chair of EATRIS Biomarker Platform (2015) and EATRIS Spain National Director (2022) and leading our working group on the Multiomic Toolbox development.