ICPerMed conference


Balázs Nagy

Semmelweis University of Medicine Hungary


Balázs Nagy graduated from the University of Debrecen Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (MSc in 2000; PhD in 2009). Between 2000-2004 he was working for the Hungarian National Health Insurance Fund and the Hungarian Ministry of Health where he specialized in managed care. He spent the 2003-2004 semester with a doctoral scholarship at the University of Sheffield, School of Health and Related Research. From October 2004, he was granted a 4-year joint research fellowship and an academic research position at Corvinus University of Budapest and University of Sheffield. Currently he is a Senior Research Fellow at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) and University of Sheffield and Head of Economic Modelling Division at Syreon Research Institute. His research interests are health technology assessment and modelling in health care, health insurance, health care financing, capitation finance, and risk adjustment.