ICPerMed conference


Laura Navne

The Danish Centre for Social Science, VIVE, Denmark


Laura Navne is associate professor in medical anthropology at VIVE, Copenhagen. Medical technology, decision-making, and ethics is at the heart of Laura’s more than twelve years career of research. Currently, Laura is engaged in research on the ethics in genomics, exploring the ethical and social implications of the emergence of precision medicine and the use of new gene-technologies (exome sequencing) in the field of rare diseases and diabetes. In her PhD from Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen in 2017, Laura studied practices and experiences of life-and-death decisions in a neonatal intensive care unit in Denmark. Laura has for many years been engaged in cross-disciplinary collaborations, working together with political scientists, medical doctors, midwifes in Denmark and Canada (SickKids Hospital). Academically Laura has affiliations with the department of anthropology at University of Toronto (2020-2021) and New York University (2015).